Almost there, but still experiencing playback issues...

Almost there, but still experiencing playback issues...

Postby squint » Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:34 pm

Am I not supposed to be able to use AirPhones with Bluetooth headphones and an iPhone 3G S without stuttering/hiccuping? It feels like it's ALMOST there, but it's still kinda unusable. I can use these headphones (Sony Bluetooth DR-BT101) with the iPhone to listen to music with no issue, but when I sit in front of my MacBook Pro and want to listen to my iTunes library or watch a YouTube video, I have to use darn wired headphones because I haven't found a solution that will let me use these with my computer. (OS X's Bluetooth tech sucks, and it doesn't lend itself to using one pair of headphones with multiple devices either, so that's not an option.)

Also, it keeps telling me I'm using a demo and shuts off after a bit, but I know I don't have AirPhones Lite installed.
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