Stopped working?

Stopped working?

Postby myminirocks » Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:37 am

Hey there, I have been happily using airphones for a good year now bit suddenly I am having all sorts of trouble. It has really become unusable.

The audio is pretty much totally 'jumbled' it seems to speed up and then go silent then 'sqips' and 'squibbles' as it catches up.

I have uninstalled the server (btw, isn't it time for a universal binary on the uninstaller) I have uninstalled the app on my phone. I have reinstalled it all again, restarted the computer, the router the phone etc, Bluetooth is off, I have totally shut down anything that would be using bandwidth (shut down all other devices on the network, quit Internet using Programs, ensured no peer to peer running etc).

I am just at a total loss. One day is fine the next day it's not.

Btw there has been no changes to my set up etc either.

Any ideas? I use this app every single day being I am a shift worker so I am quite lost without it!

Any updates soon? Don't take this the wrong way but it is starting to look like vapourware. I am a big fan of the app, I have recommend it to at least 7 others who also use it so I really hope to see some action and improvements asap.

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