How to fix Choppy audio! (windows 7 & other)

How to fix Choppy audio! (windows 7 & other)

Postby Leo360 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:03 am


I'm a windows 7 user and i was affected by the choppiness issue.

Being an Acronis support Expert, I didn't give up. Instead I spent 2 hours trying to fix the choppy audio and hell yes I got there!!!!! :D I feel proud of myself. 8-)

I connected to my router, went to the advance wireless settings.
I tried to change loaaaadsss of settings, but essentially the once that fixed it were:

Beacon Interval: 20 (miliseconds) (was 100, lowered it to 20)
DTIM Interval: 1 (was 3, set it to 1)

After that, the choppyness was gone. (well, 99% ish of it ). And the program works to the point where I can play Full HD movies and get great audio!

I recommend putting these instructions into the program it self, it'll probably help a lot of people.


Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. Leo360 .net @geeeemail. com (No spaces, and fix the gmail).


BTW, here are the full Wireless settings. See "Default" settings.

AP Isolation: Enabled (Default: Disabled)
Frame Burst: Enabled (Default: Enabled)

Authentication Type: (Default: Auto)
Basic Rate: (Default: Default)
Transmission Rate: (Default: Auto)
N Transmission Rate: (Default: Auto)
Transmission Power: (Default: High)
CTS Protection Mode: (Default: Auto)

Beacon Interval: 20 (Default: 100, Milliseconds, Range: 20 - 65535)
DTIM Interval: 1 (Default: 3, Range: 1 - 255)
Fragmentation Threshold: 2346 (Default: 2346, Range: 256 - 2346) (tried lowering.
RTS Threshold: 2347 (Default: 2347, Range: 0 - 2347)

My Specs:

- High end, quad core/4gb ram exc...
- Win 7 32 bit pro.

- 1 gb network

- This is a high end, router...
- has 2 antennas(5/2.4 ghz), but i'm only able to use the 2.4 ghz network for the ipod.

Ipod touch 3gs 64GB (latest patch)
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